How did I make my child rich? – Child’s financial education

How did I make my child rich? – Child’s financial education

Everyone is curious about how we can make our child’s life rich. Some are tied to this money while others are on the experiential route; others do not want to intervene again. Some kids, so much custom! Dozens of studies, reading hundreds of experience articles, brought me a picture of how we can make our child rich! The secret is the financial education of the child

I think that the nature of wealth is not only material in nature and not exclusively of spiritual origin. The truth is that we have to create a kind of portfolio in this way, along which we are trying to make our child’s life easier.

# 1 Let me make a mistake, the child’s financial education is the first station


I admire those parents who are afraid that their children will make mistakes, paralyze or ruin something. Because of this, they rather push “learners” away and do the work instead. How can they do that? What kind of spiritual strength do they have to be in every moment of childhood?

I think that when our child is born when we raise a child, our most important investment must be our time. The time we are going to correct all the mistakes that a child makes during his attempts. Because what is more important?

a, the task should be done right at the moment

b, the child experiences what it feels like to make a mistake and want to fix it?

This is also a very important financial investment somewhere that most parents are not willing to get away with. Why would we allow the child to get away from a plate (while bringing the food to himself) instead of what we would bring to him (of course, of course)? Our child’s attempts always involve financial investment. Because you have to pay for the new plate you dropped.

# 2 Let me be a child

# 2 Let me be a child

It is no longer a question of children speaking 2-3 languages, being professors of mathematics, real biochemists who understand programming as well. We try to educate polyhistors who need to know everything. That’s why we force our brains to work 10-12 hours a day!

More and more people are asking when children can actually act as children? Not likely in school, as 80% of their time should be tense in the bench in a disciplined and silent way. When they get home, they are waiting for the pre-composed schedule: private lesson, workout, homework, dinner, sleep.

When can they live their own childhood? “If you remember more about your childhood, you will see that you still had the situations when you could think of what you were doing.” We were often bored because there was no exciting program. But that’s why we learned to wait patiently.

One of the most important features of successful people is that they are infinitely patient. They are able to wait for the right moment and do not hurry.


# 3 I pay attention to quality education

# 3 I pay attention to quality education

The next step we have to climb to is to ‘give meaning’ to our learning progress. To do this, we need to “ not just get in somewhere” , but also consciously seek out the best and most interesting opportunities available to our child. To do this, we must accurately map our abilities and interests in every minute of our child’s life.


The best we can do if we do not force anything at the same time, along the way, constantly showing the possibilities. We help you to develop and make things interesting.

The key to adult success is to teach our child the feeling of gaining something in return for persistent work, and see the result. Unfortunately, at this point it is imperative to better manage the quality of special lessons. I hear from many places that “the child has gone to love”, “he does not feel well”. The reason for this is typically that it does not get enough attention, little success is achieved and the child does not see the signs of his own development. Do you question what makes sense?

It is the responsibility of the parent to make serious investments in this area, not wasting time and money on the child, who should be directed to the best location where they can deal with him in terms of his abilities, are able to drive from A to B and learn that every effort makes sense.


I remember being second, when I was enrolled in a private German teacher with some of my classmates. He was someone’s acquaintance. We went to the classes twice a week, enthusiastically at first, and then more and more reluctantly. In retrospect, my mood was gone, because in vain “I spent time and energy”, nothing happened. No one developed, we weren’t better at the hour. We didn’t get any positive feedback and probably left my life for the German.



# 4 I build the fundamentally financial background

We do not want to, we can not go without the material. The previous points helped spiritual and spiritual development. To say, they have established the existence of adulthood, when the mentality and intelligence that can help a more successful life have already been created (hopefully) in the child.

However, it makes no difference whether in the first 15 years of his adult years he is struggling to have his own home and pay his credit (80-85% of today’s young adults are those who plan to start a family in Hungary) or from the very beginning has received this opportunity from her parents and can fight for a superior goal from the very first minute (business, advancement, creation), and she can spend her money for a better purpose!


I always say that it is no more frustrating than I struggle to get to the start field for 15 years, from where the other could start years ago…


I do not list all the financial opportunities now. However, interestingly, there is a statement about where to go in 18-21 years if we use the child allowance for this purpose…


# 5 What is this money enough for?

Today, we can collect nearly 5 million forints in safe conditions without risk taking, if we put aside the family allowance, which we raise every year by 5%. Many? Few?

We do not know.

We can see that in the world today, 5 million forints are a good self-sufficient for the apartment (which should be 10 years on average) or cover our full tuition + rent. So we can definitely say that this can be a great help to start an adult on a more enjoyable course!

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